Khadijah Fofana

Religions Vs. Homosexuality


Homosexuality in Religions has been judged and portrayed badly. Religious believers said it has become a discrimination to our nations. Some say Homosexuality is a mental disorder. Here, you will read and see many things that religions have against homos. Before we can do anything, here is some background history about homosexuals. “Modern attitudes toward homosexuality have religious, legal, and medical underpinnings. Before the High Middle Ages, homosexual acts appear to have been tolerated or ignored by the Christian church throughout Europe. Beginningin the latter twelfth century, however, hostility toward homosexuality began to take root, eventually spread throughout European religious and secular institutions. Condemnation of homosexual acts (and other non procreative sexual behavior) as "unnatural," which received official expression in the writings of Thomas Aquinas and others, became widespread and has continued through the present day".

It has long been forcefully believed, by various religious and society conservative groups, that homosexuality is detrimental to the well being of any society in which it occurs. In this brochure, I plan to show assertions and, ultimately, demonstrate that they are without taking any sides. Some of the things today's societies say are, "Homosexuals do not reproduce and thus threaten the survival of society", "Homosexuality is a depressing and sad lifestyle "and "Homosexuality undermines religion and hence stability in society" Now let's take a look at different religions and what they have to say.

Manu samhita prescribes specific punishments for a lesbian sex:
8.369. A damsel who pollutes (another) damsel must be fined two hundred (panas), pay the double of her (nuptial) fee, and receive ten (lashes with a) rod.
8.370. But a woman who pollutes a damsel shall instantly have (her head) shaved or two fingers cut off, and be made to ride (through the town) on a donkey. (G. Buhler trans.)


So this quote from the Gita, it is saying that if an unmarried young woman gets involved in a sexual intercourse with another, unmarried young woman will face consequences. Those consequences involve ten lashes for both the young ladies, and they pay double for their nuptial. The second quote is saying that if a women get involves in this act with (A damsel) witch is an unmarried young lady will face, a consequence worst than the two young ladies. Some of her consequences are 1.shall instantly have (her head) shaved, and 2. Have two fingers cut off, and be made to ride (through the town) on a donkey. In the Gita (7.11) Krishna says to Arjuna "I'm sexuality not against rules of sastra” rules are in dharma sastras. Other types of sexuality bring negative karma, regardless if one likes it or not. To teach this truth is a real ahimsa since one can decide how to live.



The Bibledoesn't speak of homosexuality very often, but when it does, it condemns it as sin. Let's take a look.
Lev. 18:22, "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination."
Lev. 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them"

This quote is saying that, a man should not have sex with another man, as he will with a woman. The quote use the word "abomination" that means that the act of two men having sex is a curse. The quote is also indicting that it is not accepted in Christianity for man to be gay. The second quote is now giving the consequence of the act. It is saying that if two men have sex they should be put to death without mercy.

Something to think about:
Okay so in Hinduism they only talked about women's homosexuality, and in Christianity it only referred to men. Some may say that in Christianity doesn't say anything about women, therefore women are allow to be gay, as for Hinduism people might say that men are allow to be gay because, it was never mentioned in the Gita. What do you think?


Now you see what both religions have to say about homosexuality. It seem like, both the religions are against homosexuals in different ways. The religion doesn’t justified why is homosexuality is an abomination in their Beliefs. To sum up this is why these two religions don’t accept homosexuality.