Topic- Beliefs Contradict themselves

Religion is a very important thing is many people's households. The religion is like a lighthouse guiding their paths. But because there is no definite descriptions of a religion, it gets messy very quick. This handout will show how people of the same religion view their religions differently.

"None of you can become my disciple if you do not give up all your possessions." (Luke 14:33) 1
"Through such appropriating and collecting of created things, people have been led so far from God that they have forgotten the Creator." (Rom. 1:18-25) 1
it is God, not Jesus, we are to love with everything we've got (Mark 12.28-34). 2
Only God knows "the last things", the secrets of the universe (Mark 13.32-36). 2
The bible states that by collecting things one drifts away from god. Meaning that if you are consumed by greed you will no longer be following god. It also says that to become the disciple of Jesus one must abandon all their possessions. These two things seems to be related to ones desires, lust/ greed. So it seems to say that in order to follow god you must not be attached to anything.But what does that include? How about family. do they count as something that ties you down?But the 3rd and 4th just says that in order to be with god all you have to do is believe in him.Trust him, for he is the only god and he knows everything. So do one truly have to abandon their ties to be by god?

  • how we are interacting with the Laws;
  • the nature of the Laws themselves;
  • the nature of our True Self;
  • the flaws in our present thinking that are impeding further growth;
  • how the environment we create within us and outside of us interacts with and affects our thinking; and,
  • how all of our interactions with others plays into all of this. 1
"God redefines the status of man, living informed and ordered lives in receipt of Gnosis or Knowledge under the empowering direction and transformational power of the Divine."This list is a list in Gnosticism thats shows how one must understand themselves and reach our full capability.
But in the beginning it also said that it is not a religion. So what is this exactly. These seems to say that Gnosticism is a belief but isn't a belief the same as a religion? Then the sentence says god, if they use god then shouldn't be considered a religion? "Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods." But the 1st guy denies that this is a religion.
The sentence also states that "god" redefines the status of man, if god defines us, how can humans hope to perfect ourselves when we can't even decide how much we are worth and our nature?

Why do the same religion seem so different to each other just because different people is describing it?
Seems like a religion is just a idea, but as it passes from people to people the idea changes.
Each people changes the idea little by little and sooner or later this idea is much different from the original idea.
So should we really follow our beliefs? It isn't the complete idea, it is the part we can comprehend.