This is where my project will live (and it's going to be good...)

My intro will go here (something about how religion can wake people up to the world around them or how it can separate them from the world around them.)

Source #1:

"[T]he landscape of my life, that dance with despair, to see how we are called to not run from the discomfort and not run from the grief or the feelings of outrage or even fear and that, if we can be fearless, to be with our pain, it turns. It doesn't stay static. It only doesn't change if we refuse to look at it, but when we look at it, when we take it in our hands, when we can just be with it and keep breathing, then it turns. It turns to reveal its other face, and the other face of our pain for the world is our love for the world, our absolutely inseparable connectedness with all life." - Joanna Macy

My analysis of quote #1:

Joanna Macy is a Buddhist and an environmental activist. Her work makes it clear that for her, there is an interconnectedness between these two parts of her identity. In the above quote Macy talks about her response to environmental degradation and the fact that it fills her with grief and outrage. Her response to these emotions is to sit with them and transform them. This is similar to what the Buddha communicated in his first sermon when he spoke of "Right ????" It is interesting the way that Macy combines the qualities of action and reflection.