Religion and The Environment

( Judaism & Christianity )

By Jennifer Perez


starofdavid_cross.jpgA issue of the environment that can be reported from the two religions, can be Judaism
and Christianity. There is a central belief amongst the religions that nature was created
by god and should be protected, by the people that was brought to earth. Religion is
always important because it gives to the path to the right direction to guide you. The
bible as to present a human dominance over nature, leading individuals to care about
themselves and industrials progress rather than about environmental matters and the ultimate effects of their
actions on earth. Human were created make the environment with safe surrounding without any consequences.
Don't you ever, sit and wonder and just think of why bad people abuse the environment, if the natural environment
is a beautiful thing to experience and thankful to live in a world with natural green everywhere. While sitting done
and wondering why would people abuse it, don't you think at the same time, what are the consequences? By from
what you believe inn, there are ways that can lead into trouble for abusing. Some religions believe that God, will
punish you into life and guide you to a the wrong path from the trouble that you done. In some religions, they
believe that the Devil's will punish you also and take your soul into his underground world. There are many other
ways to be punish but it depends from what religion you are and this important to always take care your
environment and not to abuse it and the gods will reward you.


Judaism and The Environment :


Religion is something beautiful to have in your life to guide you in the right direction,
when it comes to ups and downs. Religion is a belief in and worship to a god or spirit.
In this case is about the religion of Judaism, Judaism came from a religion that was
at Mount Sinai at the great revelation (1400 BCE). The start of Judaism as a religion
was when Hashem (God) gave the ten commandments to the Jewish that origin in the
middle east. Judaism are basically the religion and culture of the Jewish People and
the first recorded monotheistic faith. They are to believe that god created the world for the purpose of having
people upon whom to bestow kindness. Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the
Talmud, but also are religious studies courses and taught to Jewish children in Hebrew schools. In Judaism
the natural world plays a central role in Jewish law, literature, and liturgical and other practices. The jewish
thoughts and beliefs for judaism are vary widely about the human relation to the environment.

Source #1:

Look at My works! How beautiful and praiseworthy they are! ...Be careful [though] that you don’t spoil or
destroy my world—because if you spoil it, there is nobody after you to fix it. (Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13)

My analysis of quote #1:

The environment is a natural issue of concern for Judaism. The Jews would acknowledge God, agreeing to
obey his laws but also to respect and honor the creation of the environment that was made with god hands
and beliefs. Jewish tradition emphasizes many additional values speaking to the nation’s need for energy
policies that are environmentally responsible and that pay due attention to the public health and safety of
both present and future generations of the beliefs of Judaism. The Jewish relationship with the environment
stems from Genesis 2:15 which states: “The Lord God took the man and placed him in the Garden of Eden,
to till it and tend it". This can possibly explain how God worked hard to create a beautiful environment to
create lives and the future, therefore if you would to abuse or destroy the environment as it should be run,
there will be no one to go back in time to start over and clean your mess that was made. Among the many
insightful Jewish environmental quotes and ancient teachings, there are many reasons for explaining the
issues of Judaism environmental issues.

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Christianity and The Environment :

00000000000000001957.pngJudaism is not the only religion that has been dealing with the environment, but there
is a second religion that would have something to do with the environment, which
would be Christianity. Christianity are one of the world's major monotheistic religions.
Christianity was a minor sect of Judaism, they believe that if it wasn't for Judaism,
Christianity wouldn't exist. Christianity are to believe that they are to be called
Christians and to empowered to the Holy Spirit to out lives in the service to the world.
Christians believe in Jesus Christ and to follow his teachings base on the life and
teachings of Jesus. Jesus is to be the Son of God, presented in canonical gospels and other New Testament
writings. Christianity started many years ago in Judea (present-day Israel) with Jesus Christ and His faithful
group of disciples. There are issues that have to do with Christianity and the environment that is include in
the Christianity bible.

Source #2:

Psalms 104:25,30:
“In wisdom you made them all, the earth is full of your creatures. There is the sea, vast and spacious,
teeming with creatures beyond number – living things both large and small…. When you send your Spirit,
they are created and you renew the earth.”

My analysis of quote #2:

It seems to be that Christianity and the environment has been a challenge from outside and inside the church.
The Bible seems to proclaim that nature was made as it should be and is something that should be respected
and protected. The environment is a natural issue of concern for Christianity that is include in the bible with
deep issues. For Christianity, they see that God created the world to hold everything together and reconciles
all things through Jesus Christ. The challenge that Christianity had to view the Bible teaches being a custodian
of God’s creation have even come from critics within Christendom. These challenges include views that (1) the
earth and everything in it belong to humanity; (2) the material world is unimportant or evil; (3) Christian earth
keepers are “environmentalists”; (4) environmentalists are frequently New Agers, and New Agers should be
shunned; and (5) since there is no environmental crisis, biblical earthkeeping is unnecessary. For Christians
everyone has to stick to together and do what ever it take to make the environment safe and to keep it natural
just like how God and Jesus would want them to do, as if they were to do a chore for them.


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