Religious Perception
(perceptions of Islam and Christianity outside their perspective religion)
A problem that is deeply embedded within our modern society is the misinterpretation of two of the most popular religions in the world. When people hear about Christianity who have a religion or belief outside of Christianity, they may interpret this religion as a troglodytic, evil, war soaked religion. When people outside of the Islamic religion hears about Islam,many people interpret Muslims to be american haters, terrorist, and have many other negative views on Middle East. But when you break down the core beliefs of each religion you will see that all religions promote nothing but peace and the well being for humans. It is us as a whole who blindly prejudge large wide-spread religious communities without questioning the partial "truth" we hear from the media.
9/11 terrorist attack on twin towers.
9/11 terrorist attack on twin towers.
When we turn on our television we commonly see videos of people in the middle east saying that they hate americans, or from Hollywood we see arabs cast a roll as the evil guy trying to take the lives of innocent Americans. This can plant a mendacious view on Arabs and the Islam religion. When a half of the world views muslims this way it can be hard for one who celebrates the Islamic religion.

"The very first notion that a person must undertake in trying to understand the beliefs of another is to have empathy (the power of entering into another’s personality and imaginatively experiencing his feelings.). So I ask that if you’ve come here to expect some fantastical tale of me being a secret cell leader for Al Qaeda, you’re already off on the wrong foot." - Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

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Al Queda, the Taliban, terrorist, are all examples of the common view that western society has on the Muslim culture. When we listen to the media we generally see video of war in the Middle East. Bombings on Afghanistan, chaos in Iran and terrorism in Iraq. Constantly viewing these images we can subliminally generate a misguided view on Islamic arabs. These views that we have can be hurtful and challenging for the innocent of the Muslim culture to handle. Some muslims have trouble getting on a plane in an airport because of the conflicts that a small group of Muslims caused (9/11). We as Americans should begin to pride ourselves on being open to all cultures and drain or knowledge of the stereotypical views of Muslims.

"Islam preaches peace and condemns war. There is a general impression that Islam is a militant religion and it was spread by sword. Islamic concept of Jihad is always misrepresented." - Professor Maqsood Jafri

At the same time, the most popular religion in the westernized cultures can also be misrepresented. We don't see and we are not told on how other cultures view our religion. Too keep a long story short, imagine the images of what we have of arabs, being imagined by us. Where in the movies americans are the bad guys. Because we are a media ran society, what and what we do not know is controlled by a select discrete group of people. When we are told that a soldier has died defending our country we feel grief and a sense of hatred builds up for the group of people responsible, who tend to be Arabs. We are not told on TV about the bombs being dropped on towns and villages, destroying homes and killing innocent people. We are not told about the Arab women who are being raped by our soldiers, husbands being killed because of false accusation of them being "the enemy." This is the reason we see the videos of people burning the American flag and hating Christianity. Although we are responsible, outside religions should not judge the religion based on the people who fallow it.

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"It is true that as Christians we are called to “turn the other cheek” (Mt. 5:39); But as the quote from Genesis above points out, we are also “our brother’s keeper” (Gen. 4:9). It is when we are called to be our brother’s keeper that we can legitimately--as a last resort--turn to war.

In all fairness, all popular religions have a history of war. In all of them, blood has been spilled, therefor going against the main belief of their religion. This brings up interesting questions on religions such as: How would the world be without religion? What it be better or worst? Are there more positives or negatives about religion? I would challenge you, the reader, to not go against your religion, but yo find the truths and positives of other religion and incorporate them in you life. This would not only make you a better "believer", but also, simply a better person.

What do you think?


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