Are Women Rights Important to God or to Religious Leaders?

My topic: Religious Leaders who are against females.
2 Religions: Muslims and Buddhists.

In today's time frame Muslim women around the world do not have many rights. Small things like doing their nails and wearing make-up to big things such as who they marry and how they can walk around. In the Muslim religion, women who let their nails grow, and paint them won't be able to be absolved. Also, females are house wives and can only make themselves look good for their husbands.
But the Muslim community is not the only sexist institution. The Buddhist institution is too. Buddha originally refused to ordain women as nuns because He stated that "allowing women into the sangha would cause his teachings to survive only half as long –- 500 years instead of a 1,000". Men think that women will mess everything up and become sex symbols, be provocative to men, and/or think we're not "good enough" to be leaders. Women are seen as the most shallow humans on the earth. While in reality, women are smarter and wiser than men.


Woman use both sides of their brains. According to NYtimes, male brains are more unbalanced than female brains. If male brains are more unbalanced than female brains, then why can't females marry whomever they want? On the other hand, muslim men can have up to five wives in some countries. It is proven that women use their brain more than men. Therefore, they can easily multitask and be great leaders for the country.
This is extremely unfair and the ratio is 5:1. Five women for every men. Women are intelligent, talented and beautiful but have to dress accordingly to their husbands' liking.That is extremely unfair! On the other hand, Buddha, the great prophet; in the buddhist institution believes that people should be nice to each other. Hurray for piece in the world. Then again, they were not willing to let females in to their institution. That seems both hypocritical and presents contradiction.

Due to previous facts, both Buddha and Muslim women should have the right to have a voice, to use their skill and to do as many great things as possible for themselves and others. A woman's capacity to have control and to be a leader should not be underestimated. On the contrary, it would be more useful if women collaborated with men and helped them exceed expectations. It is not fair to be discriminated because of race, religion or gender. Women should not feel less than men, even if their religion seems like it's the way to follow their believes.



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