Simplicity in Life through Common Sound and Music

The word 'prayer' is most often associated with painstakingly silent, strict ,stiff soliloquies to God with no answer. Most religions know and use prayer as something with no leg room for creativity.They feel it must be uniform and precise, because in their eyes God does not accept our imperfections. Hinduism and Eckankar are two religions, whose followers challenge the conventional ways to communicate with higher being(s) and spiritual consciousness and make them into an art that can be shared.


HU is woven into the language of life. It is the Sound of all sounds. It is the wind in the leaves, falling rain, thunder of jets, singing of birds, the awful rumble of a
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tornado. . . . Its sound is heard in laughter, weeping, the din of city traffic, ocean waves, and the quiet rippling of a mountain stream.
--Harold Klemp

Harold Klemp is the Living ECK Master (He is the Pope of the Eckish World). He encourages the followers of Eckankar to slow down and appreciate all sounds found in everyday life. His examples of sounds in life allow people from urban life where calm and beautiful noise is hard to find, to those living in seclusion. These sounds, whether sad, angry or can bring forth a sense of calm when one achieves in finding the HU in everything.

And yet, the word HU is not God. It is a word people anywhere can use to address the Originator of Life.
--Harold Klemp

Aside from being a sound to find sanctum in, HU can be used to call on your higher being. This can be connected to the previous quote, because if you can find spirituality in everything you hear, you should be able to call on spirituality with the same kind of media. This notion simplifies prayer and spiritual enlightenment, from memorizing long verses and strict rules in prayer, to enjoying a simple and freeing way to connect yourself to the universe.

Klemp, Harold. "HU: A Love Song to God ." Eckankar: Experience the Light and Sound of God. N.p., 03 2011. Web. 15 Nov 2012. <>.

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I find a great deal of life and joy in music and easily accept the range of emotional expression it affords. From the dizzying heights of ecstasy to unfettered rages, the deepest sorrows and everything in between, listening openly and without expectation has given me hours of happiness....I find a quality of peace and spaciousness in that sound.[a bell] When I listen for it and hear it, I feel at home because of its musicality and beauty.
--McSharry, Elle. "Mindful Listening: The Music of Thoughts." rebel buddha. Rebel Buddha, 31 2011. Web. Web. 15 Nov. 2012. <>.

This Buddhist blogger Elle McSharry uses music as a media for peace. The Buddhist faith involves meditation and this practitioner finds it in her music. She can get lost for hours using music and sound to guide her through her spiritual journey. She allows music in "openly" and then she does not expect anything from it, she allows it to take her where it wills. She finds 'spaciousness', meaning she feels that there is much more about her than just herself;there is spirituality and her higher being.

Upon hearing these melodious sounds, those present naturally become mindful of the Buddha, mindful of the Dharma, and mindful of the Sangha.....1. Buddhist Music should not be something unique to temples and monastic life, but should move towards spreading out to the general public....3.Those propagating Buddhism should from now on do more to advocate the use of music, and should use music to attract the public to study Buddhism.
--Haing, Yun. "Sound of the Dharma: Buddhism and Music." Buddha, n. d. Web. Web. 15 Nov. 2012. <>.

This Buddhist Booklet written by Mr. Yun is shows the strong connection between music and enlightenment. His choice of words shows that music activates the mind of spirituality. Music and basic sound keeps us mindful of He also suggests that this music should be widely spread throughout the world as way to enlighten more people.

Religion is meant to bring people together, but many are scared off because of the seemingly inflexible boundaries therein. It has been said that music is one of the great unifiers of all mankind. Why not unify yourself with your higher being and spirituality through the same means? Try to use music the next time you pray.