The main focus the brochure is on abortion and the role it play in different religions, preferably three focused religions. The reason this was chosen is because abortion is a very debatable topic in the religious community. So far I have study a lot abut it in math,english and now in history. I have spend countless days looking for good sources I think can help readers understand abortion more. Some times I like to see how I could bring all different type of things together. This unit in history we are learning about all different types of religions and I wanted to bring that to major topic. Three different types I am going to be studying are Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Through out this paper you will see how I a student at Science Leadership found away to combine both topics.

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This site gives the readers a small list of different religions and how they react to abortion. The first three religions that are stated (Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism), all agree that abortions is a wrong. Because the fetus has a conscience. However, they do give one acception to the law which allows the abortion of the baby if the mothers life is in danger.

Hinduism "A developed fetus is considered a human life and is subject to the laws of inheritance to the extent that if the mother is sentenced to capital punishment, her life should be preserved because she is carrying another human life" by **Lorianne**

I feel like different religins has their own bibles and a set of living rules. But there are thoes who dont follow some of the rules but still clam the religion. This brochure shows on topic in many diffferent views.

Should abortion be used to show
If religion is ancent thing why is it used in modnern times

"Stop Abortion Now" "Keep Abortion Legal"
This picture fits this brochure best because it shows
peoples different views on the subject.